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Who We Are

Speech- Language and Occupational Therapy Professionals

Helping all ages with communication and speech difficulties. We offer in -clinic help at our North Lakes office with home and school/child care visits on request.

Specialist Therapy service

The combined experience at Go Get Speech ensures that you are getting the best advice, guidance and therapy to help you work on the  areas that are important to you.

What makes us Different?

No one organisation can excel at all things and this is why in Jan 2017 Go Get Speech joined  ABLE Therapy to provide Speech and Occupational Therapy. Go Get Speech is well respected in Brisbane for the work in Speech Therapy.  ABLE Therapy likewise for Occupational Therapy.  

At times, clients need both and it is widely accepted that when therapists work closely together, outcomes are enhanced and improvement is faster. Working together, Go Get Speech and ABLE Therapy achieve what other practices wish they could achieve.

Our Therapy Services

NDIS Providers and Disability services

Throughout Brisbane, including Moreton Bay region and Hervey Bay, under the ABLE Therapy banner, Go Get Speech provides a comprehensive list of services via NDIS funding. Services are too many to list. For more information call us on 07 35558196

Not in a NDIS area? You can still access our services. Using MASS ( Medical aids Subsidy scheme) or CAEATI we can assist in providing communication and mobility aids that are government funded. There will be some cost for the therapist's time for MASS applications. On a package? Contact your package provider and ask them how you can access our therapists.

Independence for Seniors

Our Speech Therapists are trained in ensuring safety of  the swallow. It is not uncommon for food, fluid or saliva to go " down the wrong way". It is also not uncommon for this to go unnoticed when the client fails to cough or show any distress. This is  especially so with people with neurological conditions that affect motor control or who have an intellectual deficit. This can cause respiratory problems and can result in pneumonia. If in doubt consult your doctor or  one of our therapists for an opinion.


Speech Therapists do much more that help people overcome stutters or simple speech sound problems. They are the specialists in communication when communication doesn't come naturally. Your Speech Therapist can help with simple communication techniques for the early years through to  electronic communication devices for those who require more significant assistance. Don't let the frustration in not being understood get in the way of having a meaningful exchange with another person. 

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